Hardwood floor refinishing


Lone Star Carpet’s hardwood floor refinishing can restore your lackluster floors brilliance

Given enough time, a hardwood floor can show wear and damage, but our hardwood refinishing process can restore it to like-new condition affordably.

Lone Star Carpet knows that hardwood floor refinishing can bring back the flooring just like it was when it was newly installed. As we all know, nothing stays brand new forever, and a worn hardwood floor is no exception. A great deal of family foot traffic or a lack of regular proper care can dull the floor’s finish, causing it to be weakened and to lose its original luster. When you begin to recognize that your flooring has become dull, damaged or showing unsightly marks from moving heavy furniture around or pet claws, there is an affordable solution at hand.

Lone Star Carpet provides convenient, effective and affordable hardwood floor refinishing services to homeowners in Austin, San Antonio, Williamson County, Hays County, Bastrop County and other local Texas areas. Our state licensed and highly-qualified refinishers will come to your home, restore your hardwood floors, and leave your floors looking as lustrous and strong as it did on the day it was newly installed.

The backstory about hardwood floor refinishing

When your hardwood floors were initially installed, they were coated with a polyurethane base that delivers their lustrous sheen, durability and long useable life. This polyurethane coating contains tiny particles of aluminum oxide which make the hardwood even stronger and increases the time before the top coat becomes dull or impaired. Nevertheless, even the most durable coating will eventually submit to years and years of dust, dirt and other abrasive materials scratching away at the finish and allowing moisture to be absorbed into the wood itself. The least costly and most practical solution to this situation is to simply sand away the original worn out finish and then replace it with a completely new one.

Lone Star Carpet stands ready to make your dull, worn hardwood floors look brand new again at low cost. For more information or to arrange an in-home consultation, call us, e-mail us, or stop in at our Round Rock, TX and San Antonio, TX showroom to discuss your need for hardwood refinishing services at your convenience.



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